Thursday, December 25, 2014

Syn Web Assistants - Automated Intelligent Chat Agents

With the arrival of SIML its now possible to deploy intelligent Chatbots to serve online customer support with ease.

To push things to the limit we decided to put the official interpreter to the test and let the world interact with the Chatbot. Thousands of interactions have already been processed flawlessly by the interpreter ( in just 1 week )

Syn Web Assistants are extremely flexible Automated Customer Chat Support systems that enables developers to upload their SIML Knowledge base to Syn Servers. Our Server then deploys everything from the HTML code to JavaScript to the browser of your website visitors.

Every message the user submits is then send to our servers and your uploaded Chatbot finally generates the output. If a base template is selected and an answer is not found in your SIML Package then the Base template is responsible for generating the required response giving your bot the touch of intelligence and sophistication.

There are a few Automated Live Chat systems available online but what makes Syn Web Assistant more powerful and better is the extent of customization offered using which one can out perform other automation services. From generation of complex responses to offering the right navigation path to the users everything is made possible using SIML. The context is not lost if the same user navigates to a new page on your website as every user is identified by their IP address plus a unique identifier assigned to the user by the browser itself.

For those who aren't into Chatbots and Programming Languages we also have a human-based service called FAQ Sheets. The FAQ Sheets are a simplistic way of writing the desired inputs and outputs which are then studied by our expert Chatbot developers and converted to SIML thereby eliminating the need of any coding on your end.

For those who already have a Live Chat Support on their website during the day time and are looking to enable the feature in the night Syn Web Assistants would be the right choice as you can configure the display timing for the Assistant. The Web Assistant is only visible during the specified hours.

We have a "0 brag policy" at Syn so what we have is what you get. At the moment Syn Web Assistants come with 3 Styles ( Black, Red and Blue ) and a Custom avatar can also be uploaded using Syn Account. Every single aspect of information is customizable on the display panel including the footer with its link, initial input text message, name of your Assistant and the title. We have given our assistants a beautiful sleek UI unlike other automated Chat Boxes that appear more spammy then helpful.

Pricing for Syn Web Assistants have been kept marginal as the Monthly Subscription only takes the API interaction into account and disregards the number of times an Assistant is displayed on your website especially when users navigate from one page to another.

For more info visit Syn Web Assistant page and to learn more about configuring your Assistant please visit  the Syn Web Assistant Wiki

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